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There are many well intentioned proposals to improve health care in the United States. Ultimately, all of them rely on the participation of the majority of patients and medical care providers with the goal that everyone will have access to health care and everyone will pay their fair share of the costs. Currently, our public and private systems do not collect nor distribute the money they get from taxes and from premiums so as to assure that everyone has access to quality health care. Those who currently control the political process do not want to replace the private system and do not want to pay for universal health care if they have to make sacrifices in other domestic and military budgets. It does not appear that the health care reform desires of the general public and the medical care providers are going to be met by political means. Consequently, organization of patients and providers of medical services will be needed at the local level to solve the problems related to caring for all patients in a given community. Usually, existing associations and churches take the lead in such needed grass roots developments. TBT is that kind of grass roots organization.

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