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Primary Mission of TBT

Healthcare services are not available to many people because of lack of saving, limited credit, poor insurance coverage and a shortage of physicians. This condition has worsened in the last fifty years because of a flat economy from the point-of-view of wage earners who are in the bottom 90% of the population. Further, the majority of politicians do not support the health care needs of the people they represent and regard health care as any other product or service in a free market. This belief is contrary to experience in many other countries that support universal health care systems at a cost of less than half of what U.S. Citizens pay.

Changing the minds of enough of the privileged representatives during the next generation seems unlikely. So, those who don’t want to neglect their health and lose their fortune must organize and cooperate with each other to establish a private non-profit system that is not dominated by greed, but constructed reasonably, fairly and inclusive of people whose health conditions reflect those of the community in which they live. It must be a patient and physician cooperative supported by health education and established pathways to care.

People have many cultural and religious differences but we share in needing health care and having to cooperate with each other to get health care services, supplies, equipment, and safe environments for treatments. This common need is accompanied by medical education which must spread to every cooperative member step by step until we maximize health benefits and positive outcomes. Death and suffering are never avoided but they can be mitigated.

Our cooperatives are The Best Things “Ever.”