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Sacred Spring Reiki Collective

In 2012, a small group of women--traditional healers, community organizers, health professionals parents and teachers--decided to join together to promote the practice and understanding of Reiki and to improve the community's access to Reiki treatments. As the Sacred Spring Reiki Collective, we are organizing our efforts to bring healing to those who need it, and to strengthen our bonds as Reiki practitioners. The creation of the Sacred Spring Reiki Collective is our way of combining our love of the practice of Reiki with our passion for improving the well-being of our communities.

Our Mission
Reiki guides us toward the realization that Universal Love resides in each one of us--it is the convergence of Spirit and humanity. Our mission is to honor the innate healing ability of All Living Beings through Reiki.

Our Core Values
Transparency, Integrity and Authenticity
Mutual Respect and Support and Collaboration
Honesty, Trust, Humility and Honor
Communication, Inter-dependence and Connectivity
Our Guiding Principles
Service to others. We approach others with love, compassion and care. We provide support, knowing that generosity and healing come full circle.

We create with others to make possible what is impossible alone. Through mutual respect, we partner, collaborate with and promote the work of other organizations.

We honor our individual gifts and the common Spirit that connects us. We sense that all living beings are connected in a relationship of interdependence. We honor the messages at the core of the world's cultural and spiritual traditions.

We honor and build relationships. We look for what we have in common and seek to create a space for the beliefs and feelings of others. We honor whatever anyone offers with pleasure and appreciation.

We cultivate an altruistic motivation. We seek always to act from clear and heartfelt intention to benefit all beings. We practice reflecting our motivation in all our actions on behalf of the organization.

We seek the courage to act and wisdom to guide our actions. We seek to foster our capacity to act in the face of complexity and imperfection. Be bold. Be flexible and work with and in the world as it is.

We embrace change. We embrace new, fresh ideas, people and perspectives. We are committed to an ongoing renewal of our mission, operating principles and priorities.