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One:OM Wellness Cooperative

One OM is a Wellness Cooperative dedicated to physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social health. Our classes, sessions and events empower individuals to experience, to learn, to heal, and  to share the healing techniques with their family and the community.


One OM honors the individual experiences and cultural paradigms that shape each person as he or she fosters attributes of Love, Wisdom, Joy, Peace, and Abundance.


One OM classes and individual training challenge and empower people to custom design systems of nutrition, exercise, play, communication, and spiritual connection that supports the desires of their hearts and the fulfillment of their purpose in the community.


Our teachers and facilitators share various of eastern and western techniques of medicine, meditation and physical movement to cultivate intuition, vitality, clarity, passion and focus


Members overcome obstacles by helping one another to support individual realities and life purposes for a harmonious collective.


One OM honors the value of the individual and the strength of the collective, welcoming the energy from the Earth to align our hearts and minds and to awaken our senses to the richness of Purity, Natural Beauty and Love. 



One:OM embodies harmony between Masculine and Feminine nature through compassion, honesty, and the cultivation of Peace and Total Wellness in the Present.