Health Corps

Health Corps is a Mission of The Order of Love, Peace, Truth, Tolerance, and Cooperation also known as Tomorrow’s Bread Today or TBT. The web site is which means we have been long enough to have a 3 letter URL. TBT was founded on September 12, 1994. It received tax exempt status (501 c 3) as a lay religious organization dedicated to the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. Since TBT started the main work has been in health care through assisting physicians and their patients in providing and getting the best health care services possible for prices that could be managed by the patients. We have also operated free clinics from which experience we created the Senior Patient Association also known. It has a web site too,

In the twenty-six years since our Order started the patients and physicians we serve have supported us and done well in the agreements we have managed for them with both the government and the commercial health plans. They have given us part ownership in their Medical Services Organizations which has created an endowment that will allow us to continue to do the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.

This year is especially important to TBT and the members of its Order because the Cooperatives we serve have obtained agreements with both the government and key health plans that will cause them to grow from a modest organization to a very large group over the next five years. We are called upon to help coordinate care for patients and to become expert assistants in physician practices in their communications and management of the quality assurance programs that are required in their agreements with health plans.

We therefore seek additional members for our Order to do the good work that will be required. It is a residency program in which individuals enter as novices and are fully supported by the Order. They are then trained to be expert in the required areas of service. The result of the training for the Advocate will be:

Ability to understand and explain health plan agreements
Ability to use and to teach medical billing and electronic health records systems
Ability to understand and teach medical coding
Ability to process for network development and medical referrals
Intimate knowledge of the physician and his or her staff as a respected resource
Complete understanding of patient and physician privacy and confidentiality
Ability to do Quality Reporting to the health plans
Intimate knowledge of the agencies and patient advocate who serve the patients of each practice to which you are related
Ability to serve five physician practices for eight hours each week in each practice.

If you are someone you know is interested in this kind of vocation and good works, please contact Don McCormick at 832-599-8449 or email him at [email protected]