Book About Medical Economics Published and Now Available

A comprehensive book on Medical Economics and the development of an Independent Physician’s Association (IPA) was published by TBT last month. It was written by Don McCormick with the help of Tony McCormick for the Communications and Technology parts, and Blair Korndoffer, A.I.A., for the facilities designs and development parts. We printed twenty draft copies of the book which were given to an investment group with the result that they raised the money for us to do the IPA developments we described in the Book. Consequently, we have decided to put the book into the Open Source Community and post its contents in PDF files on this site for interested parties and developers to download. We thought the book and its supporting documents would have a very small audience, perhaps five hundred people. When we were able to raise money based on publication of the drafts that money far exceeded what we expected to get from the sale of printed copies. We hope that the people who take the PDF copies of this Publication of Medical Economics: A Distributist’s View of Improvement in Health Care will do as others have done in the Open Source Community and improve on what we have written. This book is available in a printed of electronic form from