Coop Housing and Health Care

TBT Cooperative Living
Organized and Available in your Community now

1 Live in a beautiful home among friends and family for less than the cost of an ordinary apartment.
2. Have complete health care in a cooperative that is better and less expensive than any government or commercial plan of insurance.
3. Have expert free help for property maintenance instead of having to search the internet every time something breaks.
4. Have transportation that is new, works all the time, and cost far less than what you may pay now.
5. Have space for recreation and parties available for free when you need it.
6. Reduce your food bills and improve your nutrition.
7. All you have to do is decide to be Cooperative with your friends and family and together have the goals of housing, health care, transportation, and food solutions that are practical and of high quality.
8. Earn money at $15 per hour by helping the Cooperative grow in your surrounding neighborhood by being trained professionally at no cost to you as a community organizer and patient advocate.

TBT Coop Campus Project Summary

Tomorrows Bread Today (TBT) will sponsor a cooperative that provides housing and comprehensive health care for 664 people in specific geographical locations in the United States starting in the Greater Houston area. The housing includes residences, community meeting facilities and medical clinics. The health plan will be comprehensive and will include primary and specialty services. Catastrophic health insurance will also be included.

A Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) will be formed for each location. The investors in the LLC will serve on the board and will contribute not less than $2,000,000 in cash and up to $6,000,000 in loan guaranties to fully fund each project. TBT will lease the property and appoint the LLC as the property management company and as the agency for sales of the cooperative health plan. The residents who will be the sub-lessees of TBT will be prorata guarantors of the master lease between TBT and the LLC.

The LLC will provide from among the residents a minimum of twenty jobs to maintain the property and to be patient advocates in the health plan for both the resident members and the community members. The campus for 64 people will serve the community of 600 and the LLC will be the management company for the property and the agency for the health plan.

The LLC will be the property owner and lessor and a coop agency. TBT, as the coop owner and lessee, is also able to raise funds for the charity aspects of the project. Needs for housing and health care subsidies supported by charity are expected in any given population and TBT is able to fulfill that need and stabilize the Cooperative for its long-term mission. ROI for the investors is projected to be 10% coming from both net lease income and agency commissions.

The cost of the development of each Campus includes planning, construction, leasing, coop enrollment, training in community organization, and medical and health education. The total is $8,000,000, $2,000,000 in cash and $6,000,000 in loans guaranteed by the investors supported by the master lease from TBT and TBT’s sub-lessors and guarantors.

The cost for each tenant and coop member is 20% less than their current cost of housing and health care combined. The employment of twenty of the tenants in the patient advocacy and property management jobs is a further attraction for the 64 expected resident-guarantors. The term of the agreements are ten years.

TBT becomes the potential purchaser of the LLC from the investor at market rates for a fully leased and fully enrolled campus. It has the right of first refusal for a property sale.

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