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Health Care Costs and Defense Costs

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Health care costs do not need to be 16% of the GNP. Defense cost should not take up 51% of our tax payments. However, until the people stop worshiping the military and the government representatives and their employees, we will not see much change in the cost of health care or defense.

The military, the government employees, and most of the old people have single payer health plans that screw everyone else. There is no possibility that change will come as a result of any health care bill being passed in Congress. It is amazing that so many in Congress can oppose even the modest changes in that huge health care bill passed by the House and the Senate and signed by the President. Instead, the opponents all seem to scream that there is no money to fund healthcare for the non-government workers and non-big-business employees, but there is unlimited money to fund War and the military-industrial complex and to bail out the banks and Wall Street.

It is just arrogance to think that the people will not some day discover that they do not have to have such poor representation and such a bad government. Having a President who is glib and a Congress that, in the majority, is dominated by greed and self-interest does not give us the kind of country that their “often quoted words” from the founding fathers describe.

Let us make the changes without them in our communities and with our families and friends. The President and the Congress can represent the two percent of the population who support them and we can represent ourselves. Pray that they do not use the military to shoot us.