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Frequently Asked Questions

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Here’s where you’ll find the answers to all your burning questions about Tomorrow’s Bread Today. Who we are, what we do, and how YOU can help!

  1. What is Tomorrow’s Bread Today (TBT)?
  2. Tomorrow’s Bread Today is an organization dedicated to the idea that it should be easy and inexpensive to provide health care to those in need. It is also a framework to help make that idea a reality.

  3. Who started TBT and why?
  4. Don McCormick has spent most of his life in the healthcare industry as an “HMO and PPO Administrator.” He feels strongly that healthcare delivery in the US can be fixed and made available to all those in need, regardless of income or insurance.

  5. What are the values of TBT ?
  6. Tomorrow’s Bread Today is a 501c3 charity created by the McCormick family and their friends and neighbors and founded on the principles of love, peace, truth, tolerance, and cooperation. The goals of its members are to do the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. Helping people who are sick or injured is one of those works.

  7. What are TBT’s goals?
  8. To provide healthcare through local community based cooperatives and to care for patients who come to the cooperative’s clinics regardless of their resources and to provide the tools necessary for individuals and communities to start their own clinics based on our model.

  9. What is a Cooperative Clinic?
  10. Our co-op clinics are through physicians offices who have become members of Patient/Physician Cooperatives (PPC). The cooperatives are community run, community funded facilities that provide medical care for members and for individuals in need. Typically, these individuals in need have little or no income, and no health insurance and our members help them become part of the cooperative.

  11. Can anyone receive care at a co-op Clinic?
  12. Yes, by joining PPC. Anyone can walk in and receive medical care after becoming a member and services are completely confidential between the patient and his or her physician. Payment of membership dues, physician monthly fees and group health insurance can be adjusted to meet the real life circumstances of the new member.

  13. What kind of services do the Clinics provide?
  14. The clinics are staffed by Family Practice Physicians and nurse practitioners. They are able to provide a full range of primary and preventative care to their patients.

  15. Are the doctors and nurses paid?
  16. Yes, they are paid monthly fees as much as they would normally receive from the operation of a private practice.

  17. How much does it cost to run a co-op Clinic?
  18. We estimate that it costs between $55 and $75 per month.

  19. How many people can get care from one Co-op Clinic?
  20. One practiioner can care for between 1,000 and 1,500 patients depending on the kinds of illnesses or injuries that need treatment and the frequency of service. The clinics often provide facilities for from two to six practitioners.

  21. Are there any existing Co-op Clinics that use this system?
  22. We have 150 co-op clinics in operation now in the Houston-Galveston, Dallas and Portland, Oregon areas.

  23. How do you start a Co-op Clinic?
  24. First you need a Community Organizer who’s willing to donate their time and energy to find sponsors for the clinic. Once you have enough sponsors, TBT will help you contract with or recruit a doctor and set up facilities for a clinic in your community.

  25. What is a Community Organizer?
  26. Someone who feels strongly about the need for healthcare in his or her community, and who has the drive and the initiative to take the situation into their own hands.

  27. How do you become a Community Organizer?
  28. Just contact us, and we’ll provide you with all the tools you need to get started!

  29. What is a Sponsor?
  30. A sponsor is someone willing to donate their time and some small amount of money to help support their local co-op clinic.

  31. How do you become a Sponsor?
  32. Contact your area’s Community Organizer, or fill out a Co-op Membership application on our website to make a pledge to your local Co-op Clinic.

  33. Are there ways I can help without becoming a Community Organizer or Sponsor?
  34. Of course! You can always volunteer at your local clinic, or make a donation to the cause. And the best way anyone can help out is to SPREAD THE WORD!

  35. How do I donate?
  36. To make a donation click here. To sponsor a clinic, fill out an application and specify your desired method of payment.

  37. Who can I contact with questions about TBT?
  38. If you still have more questions, please visit the forum, or e-mail Don McCormick at [email protected]