I am tired and, perhaps, sick,

but doctors have never been much comfort to me.

Our relationships have been just business.

How I feel has never mattered to them.

How they feel has never mattered to me.

I was impressed with how Dr. Pool acted when he examined Luke.

Luke said exactly what was wrong, Pool listened,

then he did exactly the right things.

Neither Luke nor Pool suffered from any doubts,

although they both knew the outcome would be dismal to the end.

At least, they knew. Pool did his part. Luke will get worse.

His foot will cause him more pain until someday it will become useless.

He will take pills, all kinds.

It will be faster version of the demise of everyone.

Last week, Ogden, whom I knew not, prayed for me on the phone.

He asked me to sent a letter to Jim Brown, Insurance Commissioner,

and to say how we will save the health care system in Louisiana.

I obliged, and called upon Jim’s Creator to join the fray on our side.

I sent the letter to Ogden. Who knows? I play the lottery too.

Ogden gives half of his commissions to the Church he runs.

I think God talks to me but I can’t hear him because my ears ring.

I have to get by on Faith and my own wits.

Sometimes that’s enough, but usually it’s not.

Usually, I’m barely able to think

and less able to do what I think is necessary.

I dress-up, wear a suit, a white shirt, a bright tie.

I sit around pretending I’m in charge of something.

People dressed like me visit my office and we measure our appearances.

We check to see if we are WASPS and Republicans or fakes.

No one throws up.

Instead, we tell golf jokes, reduce wages, raise commissions,

and generally support the changes we have made.

We consider buying belts, but decide to redesign everything to fit

The New World Order, which is like Luke’s foot.

Dr. Pool said he was a good doctor, the right age, in the right location.

We would be able to use him to get money from patients,

who, like Luke, would take pills and continue to decline.

That’s probably why my ears ring.

It’s a natural defense, the protection Ogden prayed for and God granted.

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