A Reflection On Global Warming

I saw the movie of Al Gore’s global warming slide show a few months ago.

It could be that the world will end in my lifetime.

It appears that T.S. Eliot was wrong. It will not end with a whimper.

I have been wrong too.

I thought it would explode and make a nice fireball and then wink into darkness.

Actually, George Carlin is probably right.

The world will go on for a very long time, but humans

and most of the other species will not continue.

The leadership of the world is so stupid and evil that it is almost impossible

not to rejoice that, at least, when it ends humans being will be rid of them too.

I asked my nine year old grandson, Dominic, what he thought of the movie.

He said he didn’t get it. It was just a movie, meaning it was not true.

I suppose that when we float away in the next Texas flood he’ll get it,

or maybe not.

It is very hard to make a government that is really not of the people

do anything for the whole of the people. I’m a white man of the educated class

with all of the privileges of wealth even thought I’ve not kept any money.

I am among the dumb, blind and lucky.

I’m surprised that the people who have nothing don’t just murder me on sight.

That may be the only thing that gives me hope –

people don’t kill each other over class and money every time they get a chance to do it.

It’s the invisible hand of God, isn’t it?

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