Aidan Kavanagh, Benedictine Monk, wrote in answer to the question;

..what a professor of liturgics did?

No one can teach wisdom, least of all I. But what I can do in my own field of liturgical scholarship is to engage my students in an environment of facts, method and perspective in which wisdom may be learned by us all. In this regard my peculiar field is rich. What we study, ultimately, is not texts but ways in which people from time out of mind have regularly come together to express those values that they have found to serve them best in their own struggle to survive. I shall never live forever if I cannot make it through tomorrow morning. The strategic end is born in the tactics with which it is pursued. Little things like salt, smells, oil, bread and wine, singing and seed, dancing, laughter and tears, bodies and babies, and even thoughts and words form the tactical fabric of survival with which a liturgical scholar must deal.

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