Significant Favors

Whatever needs to be done now,

needs to be done by us,

for our souls,

for all the angels who have tried to get our attention.

It must be for someone else.

Then, when we die, nobody will say we are Buddhas.

We won’t appear to any wise men.

The newspapers will misspell our names.

We will rest in peace.

Michael died last week.

He was young.

He had lung cancer and the gods didn’t care.

Michael told his friends to dress his body in blue and gold,

and his friends, who were SCA Knights and Squires, dressed him,

saluted him, and had the mortician burn his remains.

They took his ashes to the top of the mountain,

where, at sunrise, they scattered them over his waterfall.

His friends, the SCA Knights and Squires,

dressed in their colors, armed with their swords,

stood above and below the waterfall,

and screamed at the gods to make them care

that one of their last creative warriors had died.

But that morning, the gods were silent,

and the wind spread Michael’s sun-touched ashes

over running water

and he may never return to earth.

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